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AAA Spanking Video Previews

Real Punishments, Real Tears, Real Pain

This is a free preview promotional website. Welcome to our new free preview page of the AAA Spanking Group, operators of some of the best original spanking and corporal punishment websites.

You will see OTK (over the knee) spankings, girls punished at school, in office, at home and in their bedrooms. Always across their bare bottoms once their uniforms, knickers or pajamas have been removed! You will see women who should know better. Girlfriends, wives and those at work who also need firm sound corporal punishments from their elders who know better. These sites have found girls from all over the world who have been very naughty and are in need of a good spanking, strapping, slippering, paddling and sometimes, when everything else fails, a hard caning.

The SG Network is updating 4 New Videos per Week across their sites. All brand-new, never seen before. All exclusive, you won't find them anywhere else. Latest video updates below. Also check the Images Previews here.

Previews Updated Nov 30

Sarah Gregory Spankingspankingm/fotkstrapuniformblack girls spankingNew Model Sunny DaysSunny Spanked AfterschoolDad is very upset and takes his naughty girl Sunny over the paternal lap for a very hard hand spanking. She is placed over the couch, bottom stuck out... and given several mean swats of leather across her bare buttocks. By the end, poor Sunny is one very sore and sorry girl.
AAA Spankingspankingm/fstrapsecretaryCassyCassy's Office MotivationMr. Rob discovers that Cassy has a very poor attitude and a lack of dedication to getting things done on time. He decides to give her some extra motivation by spanking her over his desk, and in this case, she is told it will be a bare bottom punishment with his hard hand.
Momma Spankingsspankingf/fotkhairbrushpyjamasrectal thermometerAnastasia RoseSamantha BLiars Get SpankingsAnastasia stayed up too late and now doesn't want to go to school. She tries to fake being sick, but mom always knows when she is lying. Her temperature must be taken in her bottom to make sure that she is actually lying before she is punished. It is right over mommy's lap she goes.
Cheerleader Spankingsspankingf/fotkuniformcheerleaderwedgiesNew Model Misty IIMisty's Deserved PunishmentMisty's behavior since she lost the captaincy of the school cheer squad has gone downhill. It soon becomes apparent why Misty is playing up so much as Riley adds color to an already sore and tender, recently spanked bottom. Will Misty learn her lesson?
Sarah Gregory Spankingspankingm/fotkleather paddlestrapNew Model CaseCorrective Measures For CaseJohnny makes an example of his naughty girlfriend Case, taking her over his lap for a much-needed, corrective hand spanking discipline. her slinky legs draped across the couch and her reddening bottom do not distract Johnny from the task 'in hand'.
AAA Spankingspankingasianm/fotkleather paddlestrapKim ChiIntroducing Kim ChiPlease welcome Kim Chi... Her bottom turns a beautiful shade of red underneath the fishnets and it is time for the next spankings without the 'protection' of her lingerie. Placed over the bed, bottom stuck out, she is spanked by hand and with a black teardrop leather paddle.
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Cheerleader Spankingsspankingm/fotkstrapuniformcheerleaderNew Model Dylan RollinsSpanked And Strapped For StreakingThis is a hard, mean spanking that quickly turns Dylan's cheeks a burning red. Dylan's strapping punishment follows, as she is laid out over the couch, panties down, and given a flurry of severe swats of stinging leather that has her nursing her sore, aching bottom.
AAA Spankingspankingm/fotkleather beltuniformbelt spankingElla RaineTears After ChurchEmma was sent home with a sore bottom and her stepdad received an upsetting phone call so he was waiting for her. After a brief lecture, he inspects the vicar's work and adds yet more color to her cheeks as he gives her an OTK, panties down, bare bottom hand spanking that has her close to tears.
Momma Spankingsspankingf/fotkhairbrushpyjamasClara HewittPortiaPortia's Bedtime SpankingPortia was spanked at school for playing truant and missing history class. Mommy is very upset and a rule in the house is a spanking at school means a spanking at home. After a stern talking to, Portia goes over the maternal lap for another spanking on her sore spanked bottom.
Sarah Gregory Spankingspankingf/fotkleather paddleuniformKalaishaMiss BernadetteKalaisha's School SpankingKalaisha has been sent to Principal Bernadette's office for starting a food fight in the cafeteria. This is not only un lady-like but it is against school rules. Kalaisha is given a stern talking to, the she is take over the lap for a hard spanking. Her bottom turns a deep shade of red.
AAA Spankingspankingm/fhairbrushwheelbarrow spankingApricot PittsApricot's Wheelbarrow SpankingApricot Pitts takes up the challenge of joining the 'Wheelbarrow Club'. This is a gorgeous film with multiple angles so you don't get to miss anything; Her facial expressions, the impact shots with his hands, and a stinging hairbrush not forgetting the delightful view from behind.
Momma Spankingsspankingf/fotkhairbrushstrapjeans spankingChristina CarterSarah GregoryMy House My RulesIt doesn't matter, man or woman, Sarah is not allowed to have sex with anyone while she is living in Mom's house. She reminds Sarah that it is 'her house and her rules'. Sarah brats and complains throughout, getting spanked on her bare bottom.

SG Network
Update Highlights

Editors’ Choice - Update HighlightsSpanked Bottom - Clean MouthShut Shamed RavenAva's Asylum Punishment - Part 2500th HD Video at Sarah Gregory SpankingRiley Mouth Soaped and Hand StrappedRead 24 moreKiki - Teaching Liars a LessonMackenzie's First OffenseAshley Spanked & Mouth SoapedCara And Ava's Basement PunishmentKajira's Self-Spanking & FiggingA Soapy Bathtime SpankingLola Spanked, Diapered and SoapedSlutty Sorority Girls SpankedRachel Adams Spanked & DiaperedNew Asian Model Phoebe KaliAmy Fox - Caned on the Soles of her FeetReyna's Asylum PunishmentThighs Caning for Andy MoonThe Humiliation of a Halfway House HoeAmelia Rutherford Strapped & CanedSlut Shaming Punishment for Apricot PittsExtreme Caning of Lola AndersonRachel Adams Extreme - Caned to TearsAAA Spanking 500th Spanking VideoCara's Cruel Basement PunishmentHurts So Good - Zoe Page discovers her LimitsNew Model Angelica VeeNew Model Jas JayBirdThe Face-Slapped Deplorable DaughterOur Free Newsletter
Blaire MonetKiki CaliMiss ElizabethExtra Discipline After PracticeThe normally stoic Blaire yelps out in obvious pain as she takes the same stinging hand and hairbrush Kiki had only just received. It would seem their sleepover tonight will involve a lot of soothing sore cheeks, then trying to avoid the uncomfortable position of sitting on their aching bottoms!
Anna IIISpanking The Girl Next DoorJustin believes that Anna is not really learning her lesson so he removes her panties (and what little dignity she has left) continuing to spank her hard with his hands. She buries her face into the tablecloth and soon, Anna is very sorry and promises never to be this disrespectful to his property again.
Amelia Jane RutherfordZoe PageTraining For PunishmentAmelia is naked on the spanking bench, already feeling 'beyond subbie' and Mistress lets her know exactly what is expected and demanded. Zoe is mean... as her hand spankings and leather strappings ensure Amelia's bottom glows red with shame.
Harley HavikMiss BernadetteHarley's Bedtime PunishmentHarley yelps and cries out aloud as the heavy implement brings flowing tears and a very sore, stinging red bottom. Her discipline is far from over as a tear-stained Harley is led to the bathroom for a mouth-soaping punishment.
Helen StephensSoriaFailing The TeamThe Cheer Coach has had enough and takes Helen aside for a short sharp scolding discipline before spanking the sassy brat out in the open. Soria, the cheer coach, has a wicked scolding technique as well as a tough spanking arm making this a hugely enjoyable all girl uniform discipline film.
Clara HewittFaerie WillowPunished for PlagiarizingWillow has been caught with essays that she found on the internet. Not only is she using these for herself, but she is selling them to other students. Miss Matthews is livid and invites her father in to discuss this with him. He is shocked and agrees to watch her receive a corporal punishment.

HQ Photos Preview

Skylar Submits To Stevie - Images PreviewRated 83/100Skylar is placed on all fours on the bed, with her legs spread wide as she is paddled without mercy. Watch her bottom turn a shameful red as Skylar struggles to complete this final position. The Rose sisters are legends in our genre and this unique film helps showcase them perfectly!
Lily's Painful LessonRated 84/100Lily isn't very happy to get a hard bare bottom spanking and strapping when Dad discovers she comes back after curfew. Not only is she late, but she is dressed like a slut and has no panties on. Lily is a fighter and dad has to leg lock her down.
Get Your Head in the GameRated 83/100Coach Lake warned her that she needed to stop hanging out with this guy since he was distracting her too much and she was at risk of loosing her scholarship. He gives her a good over the knee spanking and then strapping so that she will get her head back in the game!
Bedtime PunishmentRated 81/100Lola Marie knew she had a bedtime punishment coming and decided to hide the promised 3 tailed strap she was getting. You will watch her receive dozens of strokes of the mean leather implement with some solid use of 2 types of hairbrush that kept this very naughty girl in check!
Lucy Meets Her Match - HQ Photos PreviewRated 81/100Lucy's humiliation is complete when her dirty, muddy sneaker (called a 'trainer' in the UK) is used to whack her bare bottom. This is painful and feels very dirty to Lucy, a double whammy of shame and embarrassment.
Strictmoor Academy Year 1 Scene NineRated 88/100She gave each of them a good mouth soaping before making them get in the bath. She then takes each one over her lap for a spanking on their wet bare bottoms. These two sorry ladies promised never to break the rules again.
Ella Spanked After SchoolRated 84/100Ella had not been performing as well as expected at school and when her grades were revealed, mid term, she faced the consequences for letting down her family! Naughty Ella was given a hair brush spanking that had her squirming in real pain.
D-Day For Syrena - ImagesRated 81/100She knows what is coming, her bottom is already aching and feels on fire but she is told to lay on the bed and present her ass for his custom made 'doubly thick' Reformatory Strap. She is so nervous, she feels ashamed and she knows this will hurt a lot!
The Slut Shamed WifeRated 84/100This was just part of her ordeal, as a stinging hand strapping & Some humiliating eye watering reminders about her make up left Mandie in no doubt that her provocative behavior had dire tear jerking, painful consequences in this marriage!
Skylar Submits To Stevie - Images PreviewRated 83/100Skylar is placed on all fours on the bed, with her legs spread wide as she is paddled without mercy. Watch her bottom turn a shameful red as Skylar struggles to complete this final position. The Rose sisters are legends in our genre and this unique film helps showcase them perfectly!

Best Of - Updated Nov 30

Looking for some harder stuff? Severe caning, battered swollen buttocks, merciless corporal punishments and screaming girls drowned in tears? Here we go!

The Bathbrush For KaliKali has left her 'special' candles burning in the house yet again so mom confiscates the candles. Kali doesn't seem to care, so mom is going to light up her naughty daughter's bottom and make it feel like fire with a hard hand spanking and then the wooden Bathbrush.
Ava's Asylum Punishment TwoPreviously in 'Ava's Asylum Punishment', the slutty inmate was caught trying to escape then brought into the director's office for punishment . Now, Ava has been at it again, and this time she has escaped with the help of a male guard, Ethan, who she had seduced. She is whipped, caned, and spanked.
Elori's Caning PunishmentShe is crying out in pain but this is just the start of her ordeal as he bends her over the bed and uses 2 canes of differing thickness and density. This includes a rare smoked dragon cane that bites into her bottom leaving dark welts.
Pandora's Institutional CaningBlake has been summoned to the Discipline Block for a harsh, additional extra caning after a long day of disobedience. Blake anxiously awaits the correctional officer. You will see Pandora Blake placed over the cross, nude, bared, exposed, and vulnerable...
Daddy Spanks QuinnHe spanks her hard with his hand and then takes the strap to her. She will learn that she will be more respectful in the future or there will be many more hard spankings to come.
Lola Anderson Caned And TawsedLola Anderson is a very stoic young lady, she takes these canings with gritted teeth but as the caning progresses, the facial reactions and the way she reacts to the severe cane strokes clearly show this message is getting through to her.
Disciplined By The AuditorEach girl is taken over the lap of the auditor as they are spanked in front of each other. They think this is it, but it is just the start. Next they lose the dignity of their panties, receiving a harder bare bottom, over the knee spanking as well as a double leather strapping.
Arielle Spanked Strapped And SoapedAfter a scolding, it is right over mom's lap for a hard hand spanking. Mommy didn't raise a little slut of a daughter and she is going to teach Arielle a very strict lesson. Next, Arielle is bent over and given a hard stinging strapping on her already sore bottom.
Zooey's Special AuditionFilmed at Fetishcon 2015 - we came across this amazing young lady almost by accident. Beautiful BDSM lifestyler, Zooey, makes her stunning debut to round off an incredible year at AAA & Ushers in a new era for 2016.
Secrets Get You SpankedThis was such a hot, mean spanking session so he used lots of soothing Arnica lotion, gently rubbing into her sore skin, with equally soothing words in her ear, tender cuddles, hugs and gentle kisses to remind her how much she meant to him.
Tearful Misty: Spanked Strapped & DiaperedMother was mortified when she heard the news but as Misty nervously waits in her pajamas, she instantly regrets what she had done when she sees mommy walking into her room with a hairbrush, strap... and a diaper! Since she behaved liked a baby, she'd be treated as one after the impending spanking.
Mandie's Big MistakeShe concocted a fake illness when told to hurry up and get ready. A quick leather strapping and spanking in many varied, humiliating and painful poses brought Mandie to tears as she was told she was coming out with them - like it or not!