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AAA Spanking Video Previews

Real Punishments, Real Tears, Real Pain

This is a free preview promotional website. Welcome to our new free preview page of the AAA Spanking Group, operators of some of the best original spanking and corporal punishment websites. You will see OTK (over the knee) spankings, girls punished at school, in office, at home and in their bedrooms. Always across their bare bottoms once their uniforms, knickers or pajamas have been removed! You will see women who should know better. Girlfriends, wives and those at work who also need firm sound corporal punishments from their elders who know better. These sites have found girls from all over the world who have been very naughty and are in need of a good spanking, strapping, slippering, paddling and sometimes, when everything else fails, a hard caning.

The SG Network is updating 4 New Videos per Week across their sites. All brand-new, never seen before. All exclusive, you won't find them anywhere else. Latest video updates below. Also check the Images Previews here.

Previews Updated Jul 25

Cheerleader Spankingsspankingm/ff/fstrapuniformcheerleaderwooden paddleJayda BlayzeKajiraKatherine WorthingtonPaul RogersExhibitionists Strapped And PaddledThis spanking video involves Kajira and Jayda, 2 of the school's most popular cheerleaders, flaunting themselves on various different social media outlets, bringing the school name into disrepute. The girls are left to contemplate the error of their ways, nursing their very sore bare bottoms.
AAA Spankingspankingf/fotkhairbrushElori StixMiss BernadetteStevie RoseA Taste Of Her Own MedicineElori and Stevie are best friends... they borrow everything (like friends do) but this time it seems that Stevie went too far and 'borrowed' Elori's boyfriend. Elori is naturally very upset and this is where the film begins; with her scolding and spanking her bestie.
Sarah Gregory Spankingspankingm/fotkstrapcryingtearsPaul RogersRachel AdamsRachel Spanked And StrappedRachel has stayed out way past curfew and dad is waiting for her and very upset. She has been out most of the night with no phone call. After a stern scolding she is taken over daddy's lap and given a sound spanking followed by the family strap which brings this naughty girl to tears.
AAA Spankingspankingm/fotkstrapTen AmoretteLazy Day Red BottomTen discovers that this leather strap can also sting a lot as John places her, bottom-up, over the bed. Not satisfied that she is learning her lesson, he then places her on all fours and continues strapping her pert buttocks.
Momma Spankingsspankingf/fotkhairbrushstockingsrectal thermometerJayda BlayzeKatherine WorthingtonJayda's Thermometer PunishmentIn this special custom spanking and rectal thermometer film, Jayda Blayze plays the naughty lying daughter of Miss Katherine Worthington. At the end of this punishment video, Jayda is left with her swollen, sore bottom in the air with a thermometer sticking unceremoniously out of it.
Cheerleader Spankingsspankingm/fotkuniformcheerleadermouth soapingear pullingAngelica VeeDisciplined For A Dirty MouthAngelica's foul language is out of control and she has been sent home by Coach for her potty mouth after he gave her a spanking. When she continues to swear, Daddy tells her to get up, pulls her ear and takes her to the bathroom for the next part of her punishment... a mouth soaping!
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AAA Spankingspankingf/fotkuniformCharlie TenZoe PageCharlie's Chapel DisciplineWe present to you another in our 'Catholic Schoolgirl Discipline' series and this time it features naughty miscreant, Charlie Ten, forever in trouble and always finding it hard to sit down in class because of her sore spanked bottom.
Momma Spankingsspankingf/fotkhairbrushmouth soapingAnastasia St. ClaireMiss BernadetteSlut Shamed, Spanked And SoapedMiss Bernadette is horrified when she finds out that Anastasia was giving blowjobs! The guilty girl knows that her dirty behavior will mean some consequences. A painful OTK spanking with the hand and the hairbrush is just the beginning, followed by a long soaping of Anastasia's filthy mouth.
Cheerleader Spankingsspankingf/fotkuniformblack girls spankingcheerleaderJas JayBirdLily SwanSpanked For Divided LoyaltiesLily Swan takes errant young lady Riley across her lap, lecturing her while given a spanking over her tight panties. However, she knows the best lesson is learned on the bare and pulls down those tight panties and starts to spank Riley's quivering buttocks even harder.
Sarah Gregory Spankingspankingm/ff/fotkstrapgroup punishmentAmy FoxAngelica VeeJayda BlayzeKajiraPaul RogersSarah GregoryBirthday Party BluesEach young lady is spanked in turn, by both Sarah's parents. They are given hand spankings, first by Mom, all on their bare exposed bottoms. then given a hairbrush spanking before Dad took his turn. He spanks each girl across their sore bottoms, then bends them over for the leather strap to finish!
AAA Spankingspankingf/fotkhairbrushLola BelleSamantha BLying Lola Taught A LessonLola has an attitude when confronted about her inappropriate clothes and knows that she is going to get punished with a spanking... To make matters worse, she's not wearing panties, so the spanking is carried out right on her bare peachy bottom.
Momma Spankingsspankingf/fotkMiss ElizabethSarah GregoryLazy Sarah's Red BottomSarah is spanked over her tight leggings, her panties, and (naturally for such a naughty brat) on her bare, quivering bottom by Mommy's stinging hand. Sarah learns a lesson the hard way about being lazy and not doing her chores.

SG Network
Update Highlights

Editors’ Choice - Update Highlights500th HD Video at Sarah Gregory SpankingRiley Mouth Soaped and Hand StrappedKiki - Teaching Liars a LessonMackenzie's First OffenseAshley Spanked & Mouth SoapedRead 20 moreCara And Ava's Basement PunishmentKajira's Self-Spanking & FiggingA Soapy Bathtime SpankingLola Spanked, Diapered and SoapedSlutty Sorority Girls SpankedRachel Adams Spanked & DiaperedNew Asian Model Phoebe KaliAmy Fox - Caned on the Soles of her FeetReyna's Asylum PunishmentThighs Caning for Andy MoonThe Humiliation of a Halfway House HoeAmelia Rutherford Strapped & CanedSlut Shaming Punishment for Apricot PittsExtreme Caning of Lola AndersonRachel Adams Extreme - Caned to TearsAAA Spanking 500th Spanking VideoCara's Cruel Basement PunishmentHurts So Good - Zoe Page discovers her LimitsNew Model Angelica VeeNew Model JasOur Free Newsletter
Miss ElizabethRaven MackenzieSpanked For Slutty SelfiesThe loud thwacks of the brush can be heard more than a block away as poor Raven takes an almighty severe butt bruising thrashing with that stinging brush! She is left to console herself before told to get ready for her evening meal and an early bedtime.
Miss BernadetteReyna St. ClairReyna Spanked At SchoolReyna is told to bend over the desk for 30 hard strokes with the leather school strap. This is strict scolding discipline with the added embarrassment and humiliation of an element of voyeurism to teach naughty girls a proper lesson.
Blaire MonetMiss ElizabethBlaire's Long School DayPoor Blaire's plans to sneak off early are in disarray. Lovers of humiliation and female/female spanking discipline with the added embarrassment of a rectal temp-taking will love this featuring a 1st time pairing of Miss Elizabeth and Blaire Monet.
Anna IIIMiss BernadetteSlutty Anna Spanked And StrappedAnna shows up with a big attitude. It doesn't take long to punish that slutiness and attitude right out of the brat. With hard face slaps, an over the knee spanking, and a 12 stroke caning, Anna is left a crying sorry mess. Mom sure got the message through that respect is important in her house.
Jayda BlayzePaul RogersJayda Blaze Chastised For CheatingAs Jayda had stolen the exam papers, the Principle decides her thieving hands should feel the wooden ruler across her outstretched palms. Further humiliation is in store as the Principal decides to give Jayda 10 swats of his wooden paddle, bent over the desk with her bottom presented for punishment.
Lily SwanLily's Living Room DisciplineLily Swan has really done it this time... She is spanked over her tight leggings, her toned thighs and bottom rippling underneath the thin material... until her bottom is bared for a hard hand spanking in the plank position and lifting weights spread out on the floor.

HQ Photos Preview

D-Day For Syrena - ImagesRated 81/100She knows what is coming, her bottom is already aching and feels on fire but she is told to lay on the bed and present her ass for his custom made 'doubly thick' Reformatory Strap. She is so nervous, she feels ashamed and she knows this will hurt a lot!
An Old Fashioned Lumberjack Lickin'Rated 83/100She is very rude to him, makes fun of his 'old fashioned' ways, and litters on his land. He grabs this american brat by the arm and drags her into his cabin to give her some good old fashioned discipline. Anyone who makes a mockery of him and his culture will get a very sore bottom.
Delta's Sinful Punishment - Images PreviewRated 82/100Delta is to be taught a lesson about respect and given a good hard punishment from the Sister for her sexual promiscuity and deviant behavior. Delta is scolded and humiliated then told to strip and she is taken through different phases of the Sister's mean, cruel discipline.
Catholic Cheerleader SpankingsRated 84/1002 girls got a hand spanking over the knee, in turn and in front of each other (for added humiliation) by Father Michael. It was a no nonsense short, sharp shock hand spanking punishment given as a last resort.
Katie's Wheelbarrow Spanking DebutRated 83/100Katie Brown had let down her cheer squad once too often and after her coach had spanked her for the umpteenth time, he told her to go see the owner who also wanted her to get the initials 'WB' embroidered into her uniform. She and the other girls knew this infamous moniker meant only one thing...
Slutty Stripper SpankedRated 89/100Sarah as manager of the strip club is not happy to learn that Chloe has been having sex in the bathroom with a customer. She calls Chloe into her office and chastises her for this slutty behavior. Then she spanks her on the bare bottom with hand and leather paddle.
It's My PartyRated 82/100Mommy is going to cancel her naughty little girl's birthday party and give her a spanking she won't forget. Mommy takes Alice over her knee for a hard hand spanking followed by the hairbrush. Alice is one sorry little girl by the time mommy is finished with her.
Mommy Spanks and Diapers Cherry - Images PreviewRated 82/100Cherry has a new boyfriend that likes when she pees in her panties and sends him photos. Well, mom is horrified to find out what is going on. She plans to teach her naughty daughter a lesson with spanking and another special punishment.
Trashy Freshman's Spanking - Images PreviewRated 86/100Angelica's attitude is her undoing as she doesn't take this punishment seriously so Officer Rogers pulls out a leather disciplinary strap. He uses the implement across her bare bottom, as she is bent over the sofa. Now he has her full attention as he relentlessly straps her aching sore buttocks.
D-Day For Syrena - ImagesRated 81/100She knows what is coming, her bottom is already aching and feels on fire but she is told to lay on the bed and present her ass for his custom made 'doubly thick' Reformatory Strap. She is so nervous, she feels ashamed and she knows this will hurt a lot!

Best Of - Updated Jul 25

Looking for some harder stuff? Severe caning, battered swollen buttocks, merciless corporal punishments and screaming girls drowned in tears? Here we go!

Kiki's Severe CaningKiki is placed on all fours, still undressed, and she is given some of the hardest, meanest strokes of the cane that we have ever filmed! Lots of angles, closes ups and facial reactions catch every moment of this severe punishment only a few girls like Kiki could ever endure!
Amelia Strapped & CanedThis is a special feature with one of our very good friends, Amelia Jane Rutherford, who agreed to film this for us. It's a mean leather strapping followed by a hard caning. There is no dialogue build-up or introduction, Amelia is laid out horizontally on a St. Andrews X bench, naked and spread.
Severe Judicial Singapore CaningLily and Elle have been caught selling firearms in Singapore. They are to be secretly caned and then be deported. Elle, as the accomplice will receive 12 strokes and Lily will receive 24 for being the ringleader.
Rachel Caned And Tawsed To TearsRachel's caning is in 2 sets of 12, such is the severity allowing for a break in between, the camera captures both angles in full... nothing is missed out, covering her facial and bottom welting reactions - caned from cold!
Riley Mouthsoaped & Hand StrappedRiley faces one of her most humiliating punishments at home after her stepfather has been told of what she did at school. This time, she will receive the nastiest mouth soaping for the disgusting gum-chewing followed by a mean, leather strapping across her hands for the brazen thefts.
Strictmoor Summer Spankings Scene FiveDuring their punishment they are made to look at themselves in the mirror which make it even more difficult. If a student were to receive more than three spankings in a month, then that would lead to a further caning punishment and all four of these ladies had exceeded that quota.
Mandie's Big MistakeShe concocted a fake illness when told to hurry up and get ready. A quick leather strapping and spanking in many varied, humiliating and painful poses brought Mandie to tears as she was told she was coming out with them - like it or not!
Amy's Caning For Credit Card FraudAmy's sassy attitude soon disappears when the reality of this discipline takes place with her bent over the table, bottom vulnerable and exposed. The caning punishment is calculated and methodical, designed to elicit the maximum emotional response to the painful consequences of receiving 24 strokes.
Lola Marie - Stripped, Shamed & CanedThis caning is going to be with Lola Marie completely naked and with her feet tied to the cross, her legs parted, buttocks and privates exposed. One can only imagine the humiliation and shame she feels as she undresses in silence, knowing what is to come.
Elori's Caning PunishmentShe is crying out in pain but this is just the start of her ordeal as he bends her over the bed and uses 2 canes of differing thickness and density. This includes a rare smoked dragon cane that bites into her bottom leaving dark welts.
Secrets Get You SpankedThis was such a hot, mean spanking session so he used lots of soothing Arnica lotion, gently rubbing into her sore skin, with equally soothing words in her ear, tender cuddles, hugs and gentle kisses to remind her how much she meant to him.
Rude Rachel's Tearful PunishmentThe hand spanking over her tight jeans progresses to a bare bottom smacking as her jeans and panties are pulled down, shaming her when she continues to sass the manager. Her behavior deteriorates and he uses a hairbrush found on the side table.