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AAA Spanking Video Previews

Real Punishments, Real Tears, Real Pain

This is a free preview promotional website. Welcome to our new free preview page of the AAA Spanking Group, operators of some of the best original spanking and corporal punishment websites.

You will see OTK (over the knee) spankings, girls punished at school, in office, at home and in their bedrooms. Always across their bare bottoms once their uniforms, knickers or pajamas have been removed! You will see women who should know better. Girlfriends, wives and those at work who also need firm sound corporal punishments from their elders who know better. These sites have found girls from all over the world who have been very naughty and are in need of a good spanking, strapping, slippering, paddling and sometimes, when everything else fails, a hard caning.

The SG Network is updating 4 New Videos per Week across their sites. All brand-new, never seen before. All exclusive, you won't find them anywhere else. Latest video updates below. Also check the Images Previews here.

Previews Updated Jun 28

Cheerleader Spankingsspankingotkuniform spankingwooden paddlecheerleader spankingff spankingElla RaineSky TerrapinSpanked Or BenchedElla goes over the lap of her stern coach and takes a spanking over her tight panties before the discipline continues with more hard hand smacks across her bare bottom. She is left to contemplate her future whilst being allowed to rub and soothe her aching, burning cheeks before being sent home.
AAA Spankingspankingotkstrapwheelbarrow spankingff spankingClara HewittLaura LuxAlora Lux Spanking PositionsPlease welcome Alora Lux to our network... and in the finest of introductions, she agreed to participate in three traditional and intimate spanking positions. As with all films in this series, there is no build-up dialogue or storyline, Alora is being spanked for the sake of it.
Momma Spankingsspankingotkhairbrushblack girls spankingmouth soapinghumiliationff spankingJas JayBirdSamantha BClass Clown PunishedA spanking at school always means a spanking at home. Riley is taken over the maternal lap for a spanking over her panties and then on the bare bottom. To really drive the point home, the dreaded hairbrush is taken to Riley's already sore bottom.
Cheerleader Spankingsspankingotkstrapuniform spankingcheerleader spankingff spankingBella IIIMistress ScarletNot Without My PermissionBella is spanked hard over the maternal lap, the hard-hitting hand leaves Bella's bare bottom, aching and red... Next will be a harsh leathering with the dreaded 'Family Strap' - for which the naughty miscreant is told to go and fetch for this to take place. How humiliating!
AAA Spankingspankingcaningseverejeans spankingmf spankingAmy FoxAnother 24 For AmyAmy Fox agrees to take another 24 stroke cold caning over the spanking bench with a never before used thick rattan Malaysian cane. This is not a judicial caning but the strokes given to her are as hard as if this were an actual punishment.
Sarah Gregory Spankingspankinggroup punishmentbirchff spankingClara HewittNew Model EssieHelen StephensLaura LuxThree Schoolgirls BirchedThree girls are each given 12 strokes of the stinging birch in two lots of 6 as they watch their partners in crime. Afterward, they are left to contemplate their foolish actions at the imposing fireplace as they rub their sore bottoms and check each other's welts of shame.
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Momma Spankingsspankingotkleather paddleff spankingDana SpechtSarah GregoryThieving Hands Spanked BottomAfter a stern scolding Sarah is taken over Momma's lap for a hard spanking. It isn't long before the panties come down and Sarah's bottom is turning a deep shade of crimson. Next, Momma takes the leather paddle to Sarah which only makes her squirm and kick more.
Cheerleader Spankingsspankingotkuniform spankingcheerleader spankingff spankingAngelica VeeLily SwanSpanked For Being LatePoor girl Angelica is shocked by the punishment as she believed it would not be all that much but Lily's powerful arm and strong hand prove otherwise. It isn't long before the naughty girl's panties are pulled down and her bare bottom given a proper tanning that leaves her cheeks glowing red.
Sarah Gregory Spankingspankingotkleather paddlejeans spankingff spankingGenaSamantha BCheating Daughter In Law SpankedAfter a stern talk, Samantha will show Gena just how disciplinary matters are dealt with. How embarrassing to be taken over the lap like a naughty little girl. Gena is spanked over the knee and squirms and kicks. Her bottom turns a deep shade of crimson but that is not the end of the spanking.
AAA Spankingspankingotkuniform spankingunusual implementsff spankingElla RaineSky TerrapinElla's Biblical SpankingTake another look into the latest series of the strange world that is 'Catholic Discipline'. The only way to salvation for this miscreant is through a solid scolding and spanking which is how Ella ends up over the tall imposing teacher's lap.
Momma Spankingsspankingotkleather paddlepyjamasff spankingClara HewittWillowNot Good EnoughMommy is beyond disappointed in her daughter Willow. Willow is simply not trying hard enough and that is just not good enough for mommy. Mommy spanks her naughty girl with hand, paddle and hairbrush until her bottom is a deep burning crimson.
Cheerleader Spankingsspankingotkleather paddleuniform spankingblack girls spankingcheerleader spankingff spankingJas JayBirdMiss ElizabethMisty LovelaceShameful Attention Seekers SpankedMisty and Riley have been sent to Headmistress Miss Elizabeth, for wearing what little remains of their cheer uniforms which is highly inappropriate and slutty. Fans of Misty Lovelace, Riley Haze, and Miss Elizabeth will adore this latest film, a perfect addition for any spanking connoisseur.

SG Network
Update Highlights

Editors’ Choice - Update HighlightsTutorial in DisciplineLola Anderson's Wheelbarrow SpankingNaughty Stepdaughter SophiaDilan's Arrival at AAA SpankingAmy's Cancún CaningRead 30 more600th Release at AAA SpankingSpanked Bottom - Clean MouthShut Shamed RavenCara's Cruel Basement PunishmentHurts So Good - Zoe Page discovers her LimitsNew Model Angelica VeeNew Model Jas JayBirdThe Face-Slapped Deplorable DaughterAva's Asylum Punishment - Part 2500th HD Video at Sarah Gregory SpankingRiley Mouth Soaped and Hand StrappedKiki - Teaching Liars a LessonMackenzie's First OffenseAshley Spanked & Mouth SoapedCara And Ava's Basement PunishmentKajira's Self-Spanking & FiggingA Soapy Bathtime SpankingLola Spanked, Diapered and SoapedSlutty Sorority Girls SpankedRachel Adams Spanked & DiaperedNew Asian Model Phoebe KaliAmy Fox - Caned on the Soles of her FeetReyna's Asylum PunishmentThighs Caning for Andy MoonThe Humiliation of a Halfway House HoeAmelia Rutherford Strapped & CanedSlut Shaming Punishment for Apricot PittsExtreme Caning of Lola AndersonRachel Adams Extreme - Caned to TearsAAA Spanking 500th Spanking VideoOur Free Newsletter
Tiana IrieAttitude Adjustment For TianaNate has had enough of Tiana's rude behavior. She knows how things are done when she misbehaves; with a hard over the knee spanking. Tiana promises not to be rude again, and to ensure she learns her lesson properly Nate bends her over the couch using his leather strap on her bared, swollen bottom.
VeronicaDirty Veronica DisciplinedVeronica's eyes lower in shame and she pleads not to be punished, but she is taken over her uncle's lap for the start of a long hard spanking. The following hard furious belting has Veronica gasping in pain as her buttocks turn a shameful dark red.
Casey CalvertElori StixMiss BernadetteElori And Casey's Afterschool PunishmentElori and Casey have been sent home from school after getting in trouble. They are each spanked with her hand and hairbrush until their bottoms are nice and pink. Elori uses very foul language during her spanking, so this of course means a mouth-soaping.
Pandora BlakeSarah GregoryPandora Blake - Tied, Spanked and PluggedSarah and Pandora make time to spend what precious moments they have left together before Sarah must fly back to America. Enjoy this gorgeously explicit, completely filthy scene with a very happy ending that Pandora won't forget in a hurry.
Clara HewittViolet HazeTutorial In DisciplineViolet is taken over her educator's lap as her bare buttocks are soundly spanked with the indignity of having her white cotton panties pulled down. The punishment is far from over as Miss Matthews bends Violet over the table, ensuring her bare bottom is fully exposed and taut for the strap.
Lily SwanPaul RogersMascot MisdemeanorWhat did Lily think would happen when she stole a rival school's treasured mascot and took it home to hide? Her tight panties are pulled down and her red buns are smacked harder before she is told to bend over the chair, presenting her bottom for the paddle.

HQ Photos Preview

Winner Takes AllRated 81/100Coach Gregory has no choice but to paddle the girls side by side, stood next to each other and the paddlings begin! Harder and harder they get until one of them gives in.
The Workout BurnRated 81/100Sarah is very disappointed in her student and she doesn't know what to do and just tells her to leave and not come back. Joelle wants to keep working with Sarah so she suggests she should be punished and what better way than with a spanking? Sarah agrees!
Prove YourselfRated 85/100He scolded her, reminding her about how her disrespect for him and her fellow cheer girls would not be tolerated. Ashley was one very sore, sorry and contrite cheerleader after he had finished with her!
It's My PartyRated 82/100Mommy is going to cancel her naughty little girl's birthday party and give her a spanking she won't forget. Mommy takes Alice over her knee for a hard hand spanking followed by the hairbrush. Alice is one sorry little girl by the time mommy is finished with her.
Spanked After School - ImagesRated 83/100Ella Hughes was spanked OTK, then her crisp white panties were pulled down just enough to reveal her reddening bottom to which she was thoroughly spanked on the bare and then given a hair brush spanking that had her squirming in real pain.
Adriana's Attitude AdjustmentRated 81/100When the sassy back talk still continues, mommy makes her ask for the hairbrush. It is only then when the hard wooden hairbrush is coming down on poor Adriana's bottom that she is promising she will never have a bad attitude with mom again.
The Inappropriate Intern - Images PreviewRated 80/100Cleo takes the mean spanking, feeling the burning hand of her boss. She is expertly strapped, scolded, and reminded of how an intern at his place of business should behave. She is sent home to compose herself, dress correctly... and return to finish her work for that day.
Delta's Sinful Punishment - Images PreviewRated 82/100Delta is to be taught a lesson about respect and given a good hard punishment from the Sister for her sexual promiscuity and deviant behavior. Delta is scolded and humiliated then told to strip and she is taken through different phases of the Sister's mean, cruel discipline.
Doing as she is toldRated 88/100Hard and forcefully, but not too brutal as she hadn't done anything wrong here, this was not a punishment but a beautiful demonstration of their D/S relationship which they both kindly shared for us all on camera! He is a lucky man...
Winner Takes AllRated 81/100Coach Gregory has no choice but to paddle the girls side by side, stood next to each other and the paddlings begin! Harder and harder they get until one of them gives in.

Best Of - Updated Jun 28

Looking for some harder stuff? Severe caning, battered swollen buttocks, merciless corporal punishments and screaming girls drowned in tears? Here we go!

Another 24 For AmyAmy Fox agrees to take another 24 stroke cold caning over the spanking bench with a never before used thick rattan Malaysian cane. This is not a judicial caning but the strokes given to her are as hard as if this were an actual punishment.
Amy's Caning For Credit Card FraudAmy's sassy attitude soon disappears when the reality of this discipline takes place with her bent over the table, bottom vulnerable and exposed. The caning punishment is calculated and methodical, designed to elicit the maximum emotional response to the painful consequences of receiving 24 strokes.
Judicial Canings Of Delta & LilyThis is a very severe custom caning with an accurate and well delivered caning with the precise amount of deliberate humiliation from the medical staff to ensure this entire punishment is an extraodinary and unforgettable piece of film making.
Mackenzie's 1st OffenseMackenzie Reed has to be punished long and hard. Her tight jeans cannot conceal her glorious bubble butt for long as the hand spanking continues, swiftly moving from over the stretched material to having the panties pulled down as his relentless hand reigns down on her jiggling booty!
Tearful Misty: Spanked Strapped & DiaperedMother was mortified when she heard the news but as Misty nervously waits in her pajamas, she instantly regrets what she had done when she sees mommy walking into her room with a hairbrush, strap... and a diaper! Since she behaved liked a baby, she'd be treated as one after the impending spanking.
Arielle Spanked Strapped And SoapedAfter a scolding, it is right over mom's lap for a hard hand spanking. Mommy didn't raise a little slut of a daughter and she is going to teach Arielle a very strict lesson. Next, Arielle is bent over and given a hard stinging strapping on her already sore bottom.
Secrets Get You SpankedThis was such a hot, mean spanking session so he used lots of soothing Arnica lotion, gently rubbing into her sore skin, with equally soothing words in her ear, tender cuddles, hugs and gentle kisses to remind her how much she meant to him.
Daddy Spanks QuinnHe spanks her hard with his hand and then takes the strap to her. She will learn that she will be more respectful in the future or there will be many more hard spankings to come.
The Bathbrush For KaliKali has left her 'special' candles burning in the house yet again so mom confiscates the candles. Kali doesn't seem to care, so mom is going to light up her naughty daughter's bottom and make it feel like fire with a hard hand spanking and then the wooden Bathbrush.
Riley Mouthsoaped & Hand StrappedRiley faces one of her most humiliating punishments at home after her stepfather has been told of what she did at school. This time, she will receive the nastiest mouth soaping for the disgusting gum-chewing followed by a mean, leather strapping across her hands for the brazen thefts.
Disciplined By The AuditorEach girl is taken over the lap of the auditor as they are spanked in front of each other. They think this is it, but it is just the start. Next they lose the dignity of their panties, receiving a harder bare bottom, over the knee spanking as well as a double leather strapping.
Elori's Caning PunishmentShe is crying out in pain but this is just the start of her ordeal as he bends her over the bed and uses 2 canes of differing thickness and density. This includes a rare smoked dragon cane that bites into her bottom leaving dark welts.
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