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Real Punishments, Real Tears, Real Pain

This is a free preview promotional website. Welcome to our new free preview page of the AAA Spanking Group, operators of some of the best original spanking and corporal punishment websites. You will see OTK (over the knee) spankings, girls punished at school, in office, at home and in their bedrooms. Always across their bare bottoms once their uniforms, knickers or pajamas have been removed! You will see women who should know better. Girlfriends, wives and those at work who also need firm sound corporal punishments from their elders who know better. These sites have found girls from all over the world who have been very naughty and are in need of a good spanking, strapping, slippering, paddling and sometimes, when everything else fails, a hard caning.

Saturday DetentionDetentions for the girls at this Boarding School on a Saturday were always the worst. The Head Teacher, Mr Osborne, was particularly blunt when dealing with both girls, taking time to scold, chastize and use a painful method of correction: A hard wooden ruler across their hands.
Webcam Woes For A Wednesday Hoe - Images PreviewDel Hunter is caught, open-legged, camming on the one day she had promised not to. This means severe punishment and John informs her that she is going to be strapped thoroughly with every implement he can find.
Momma Clare Takes ChargeMama Clare has had enough back talk, enough attitude, and enough of Sarah doing whatever Sarah wants to do. She takes disciplining her rude daughter into her own hands and gives this brat the long over due spanking she deserves.
Katie's Wheelbarrow Spanking DebutKatie Brown had let down her cheer squad once too often and after her coach had spanked her for the umpteenth time, he told her to go see the owner who also wanted her to get the initials 'WB' embroidered into her uniform. She and the other girls knew this infamous moniker meant only one thing...
Outfoxed By Mom - Images PreviewAmy is told to bring the wooden hairbrush which she knows stings like hell. With a fast and furious hairbrush spanking, Amy learns in no uncertain terms that going out dressed like that with a bushy fox tail plugged up her bottom is unacceptable behavior as far as her mother is concerned.
Lies and PunishmentHer pristine regulation navy knickers are pulled down revealing the white gusset as her bottom is turned a shameful burning red, first with his hard hands then with the school punishment paddle. Her punishment was complete when she was close to tears, feeling very sorry for herself.
Spanked and Strapped for StealingBelle's panties offer little protection from daddy's hard hand and when he is certain she is showing little respect for property, he pulls them down as she protests but Belle is in no position to argue. Belle learns not to steal at home and respect authority.
Mackenzie's TearsMackenzie never felt so humiliated being punished like this and by the time of her caning, she is crying real tears! She promises to do much better and be a productive member of the squad from now on!
Tearful Angel's Severe PunishmentThis is the most severe spanking film I have ever filmed. In this real life discipline film, her good friend Johnny deals with this. Her bottom marks up and welts severely as she cries. She is one sorry little girl.
The Disorderly MaidJoelle's eyes were raised in disbelief when he told her to assume the position over his knee for a short sharp shock OTK spanking on her bared bottom.
The Disobedient DaughterDaddy gives Stevie a chance to tell the truth as she doesn't know that he has installed a new video security system. Of course Stevie lies and daddy is very disappointed. He gives her a hard over the knee spanking bringing her close to tears.
Belle's Hard LessonAfter Belle's punishment, she is very sorry and sobbing real tears as she promises to be a good girl and follow the rules. How embarrassing it is for her to be caned by headmaster in front of her father at school!
A very tearful spanking for Rachel and KittyTheir loud, rude behavior is used against them as he decides to teach the girls a lesson in manners with an impromptu spanking for these young madams. It's not long before they are getting their bare bottoms soundly tanned, and as their bottoms turn a shameful, sore red...
Rosie's Humiliating PunishmentPunishment is in order for this naughty sorority sister. First it is over Sarah's knee for a hard hand spanking over her jeans, panties, and then bare bottom. Then, she is made to strip for the more humiliating part of the punishment.
Mommy's Little ThiefShe has a habit of wearing mom's clothes and ruining them. Now she is wearing her mom's dress and denies it when questioned. Mommy spanks her naughty daughter for being a little thief.
Daizy Learns Her Lesson - Images PreviewDaizy's behavior at cheer practice has been totally unacceptable. A few of the girls in the team are now refusing to practice alongside her after the cruel things and foul language she had used against them. He takes her over his lap for a good old fashioned, humiliating bare bottom spanking.


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