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AAA Spanking Image Previews

Real Punishments, Real Tears, Real Pain

This is a free preview promotional website. Welcome to our new free preview page of the AAA Spanking Group, operators of some of the best original spanking and corporal punishment websites. You will see OTK (over the knee) spankings, girls punished at school, in office, at home and in their bedrooms. Always across their bare bottoms once their uniforms, knickers or pajamas have been removed! You will see women who should know better. Girlfriends, wives and those at work who also need firm sound corporal punishments from their elders who know better. These sites have found girls from all over the world who have been very naughty and are in need of a good spanking, strapping, slippering, paddling and sometimes, when everything else fails, a hard caning.

Sensual Spanking for JessicaHer sore, speckled cheeks were indeed a sight for sore eyes! This is an erotic and sensual spanking film, with bottom rubbing to soothe her pain with a few harder slaps to keep her from thinking about another orgasm.
Rosie's Humiliating PunishmentPunishment is in order for this naughty sorority sister. First it is over Sarah's knee for a hard hand spanking over her jeans, panties, and then bare bottom. Then, she is made to strip for the more humiliating part of the punishment.
Outfoxed By Mom - Images PreviewAmy is told to bring the wooden hairbrush which she knows stings like hell. With a fast and furious hairbrush spanking, Amy learns in no uncertain terms that going out dressed like that with a bushy fox tail plugged up her bottom is unacceptable behavior as far as her mother is concerned.
She never learnsShe is that type of girl... never learns at all! In this house, naughty girls who fake ilnnesses are checked with a thermometer first... She hates this but hopes that by being under the covers she is warmer and can try to fake an illness, but her temperature is normal, of course.
Flight Attendants Disciplinary MeetingLucy is placed over the desk for the start of her spanking punishment. As well as poor attitude, laziness and rudeness to passengers, it appears Lucy is also wearing a thong which is forbidden and this is removed as her bottom is reddened quickly with a hard hand spanking.
Wheelbarrow Spanking FestivalWe have 3 short films which kicks off a special 'Festival of Kink' here at Triple A Spanking. All 3 of these girls may not be shy and certainly not afraid to show off their most private parts to us, the eye bulging viewers...
Daddy Spanks AdrianaShe knows she has been a naughty girl and no more discussion is needed. Daddy approaches belt in hand. Adriana goes over her lap for a hard hand spanking before she is made to kneel on the chair and stick out her bottom for a dose of daddy's leather strap.
In House DisciplineMackenzie knows she has been difficult and takes the punishment to keep her job and learn from her mistakes. She is spanked over Ms Rose's lap, her tight pantyhose unable to hide a growing red marked bottom from a hand spanking.
Casey Calvert's Special PunishmentThis is the stunning debut of naughty cheergirl, Casey Calvert, who had never experienced such an embarrassing discipline session such as this before.
Dacey's Bedtime Spanking - Image PreviewAfter scolding her, he takes her over his lap for hard spanking. She kicks her legs and protests but the spanking only gets harder. After a hand spanking, he takes the strap to her sore red bottom to really drive the point home that she must be respectful to her mother.
Sleepover Spanking for Flirty Charlie - Images PreviewZoe is not content with spanking and scolding Charlie so she uses one of Charlie's slippers with the poor girl bent over (face down ass up) as the slippering proves quite painful. What an awesome debut for Charlie Ten opposite the inimitable Zoe Page, we are sure she will gain many more fans.
A Hard Caning For Alice - ImagesThis meeting will be the last as she is so close to being expelled. This is a serious punishment and depending on how she reacts to him in this meeting, including how Alice takes her severe caning will determine whether he signs the expulsion papers placed in front of her - or not!
Quinn's Attitude AdjustmentMom has never spanked before, but decides that the time has come to take her naughty misbehaving ungrateful daughter over her knee for a much deserved spanking with hand and brush. It is not long before Quinn is promising to change and to be a good girl.
Expelled and PunishedCasey's daddy is very disappointed in her. This is the second school she has been expelled from. Daddy is so angry. He gives her a hard otk hand spanking on her bare bottom before taking leather and the hairbrush to his naughty daughter.
Personal Training PunishmentRaven takes a hand spanking over her tight leggings and then with her panties pulled down, bottom fully exposed as she is spanked on all fours. She starts to feel the burn and sting of Lily's hard hand, but there is more...
Catholic Cheerleader Spankings2 girls got a hand spanking over the knee, in turn and in front of each other (for added humiliation) by Father Michael. It was a no nonsense short, sharp shock hand spanking punishment given as a last resort.


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