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She Never Learns

Del Hunter, spanking, m/f, rectal thermometer

Please welcome Del Hunter, another new gir- as promised, this month we are showcasing new talent guaranteed each and every week at Triple A Spanking. This was filmed some time ago, but sometimes, the best things come to those who wait! Del is a rebellious daughter, she gets punished at school a lot, she is due another spanking later and got a whupping from her mommy the previous night. She is that type of girl... Never learns at all! It's the morning and she is pretending to be sick... Daddy will be late for work and his patience is being tested as she tries to wriggle out of going to school (he knows there is a test and detention for her later that day).In this house, naughty girls who fake ilnnesses are checked with a thermometer first... But as daddy asks her, 'where do we place that thermometer?'. Del replies, 'like a baby...' that's right, an embarrassing rectal temperature taking, very humiliating but also very accurate! She hates this but hopes that by being under the covers she is warmer and can try to fake an illness, but her temperature is normal, of course. So she is placed over her angry father's lap and he proceeds to give her a strong hand spanking on her bare bottom.She cries and yelps but more is to come as she is given a hairbrush spanking, still over his knee... Then played on all fours right there on the bed! By the end of her punishment, Del is told to go and get ready, this is one very sorry misbehaving daughter who just never seems to learn her lesson!

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