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Stepmother Spanks Apricot

Apricot, f/f, hairbrush, otk, spanking, jeans spanking

Apricot has been posting lies about her father's girlfriend on Instagram. Then, when confronted about it, she has a severe attitude problem. Just because Delta dresses 'young and hip' doesn't means she deserves to be treated like this. Apricot and her dad are living under her roof, so therefore it is her rules. It is time that this naughty petulant girl is taught a lesson the old fashioned way in respecting her elder, no matter how close in age they are to her. Apricot is given a good hard spanking on her tight shorts, thin panties, and finally on the bare bottom from stepmommy dearest.Her punishment ends with the hairbrush. Apricot is one sorry and sore contrite girl.

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