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Daddy Spanks Katie

Katie, spanking, m/f, otk, cheerleader

Katie returned home from Cheer Practice and was told by her mother to go upstairs to father's Study as he wanted to discuss something with her. She had a good idea what that might be if he had found out about her spanking punishment at practice earlier. For your reference, the film of this can be seen, called 'Spanked Again' (when her coach punished her outside in the park for trying to hide away and wasting his time). Of course her daddy had been informed and she knew that a spanking at practice meant a spanking at home.He inspected her red, sore bottom and told Katie that she would have to go over his lap for yet another spanking! Katie reluctantly took the position that she was becoming familiar with and getting spanked so soon after was most uncomfortable and embarrassing. She promised that she had learnt her lesson but this was just to avoid the humiliation of a further hand spanking by her disappointed daddy. He first spanked her over her crisp white panties then reminded her that the only way she would truly learn her lesson was with an embarrassing spanking on her bare bottom.She kicked and struggled to take her punishment as a spanking on an already sore bottom was most painful! Afterward, she was told to stand to do wall-time to reflect on the day's events and why she had been punished. Wall-time was always with her panties down, sore bottom on display! Katie promised to be more productive at Cheer Practice in future.

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