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Ava spends the weekends at her father's place in a great downtown apartment. It works for her since her parents divorced as she gets to hang out in the cool part of town and to visit all her favorite places without worrying about public transport. The only thing is she has been taking advantage of her dad's good nature, who usually loves spoiling her, and she has been getting away with telling little lies or not doing her homework. This is one such incident that pushes her daddy too far when he knows she should have been finishing her homework instead of lounging around watching TV.Hearing reports of her poor behavior at school, dad catches her lying to him which upsets him... He reminds her about how she used to be disciplined before and this is what will happen once more. In fact, this will be a spanking she won't forget as it makes up for all the misbehavior she has gotten away with over the last few months! Ava feels embarrassed that she is going over her dad's lap but that is soon forgotten as his hard hand smacks her over her tight leggings. A spanking by her parents was always carried out on the bare behind and in no time at all, she feels her leggings and panties pulled down as the spanking continues.This punishment isn't over by a long shot as daddy uses his thick heavy belt, placing her across the sofa with her bottom upturned and vulnerable. The heavy leather belt licks her cheeks relentlessly until her bottom is a dark shade of crimson and he knows that she has learned her lesson.More Free Previews from AAA Spanking

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