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Little Liar Spanked By Mom And Dad

Ava, cheerleader, f/f, m/f, spanking, strap, uniform

Ava's lies finally catch up with her when she arrives home from cheer practice to see mom and dad waiting for her. They ask her how the practice went, knowing full well what she had done earlier... And of course Ava avoids telling the truth as her behavior was appalling. Her parents call her out for being such a deceitful little madame, telling her they knew exactly what she had been up to at school! So this means a punishment by them both... Ava goes over mommy's lap, gets scolded then hand spanked in front of daddy.She is soon squirming with embarrassment, as her panties are pulled down, getting to feel the uncomfortable heavy hands of both parents as they take turns spanking her bare, sore bottom. Her parents had prepared for her lying so when they swap places again, mommy reveals a thick leather paddle which she knows Ava hates, continuing to use this harder and harder across her swollen cheeks until she is writhing in pain. Then it's time for daddy's leather belt, Ava is laid out on the sofa, her bottom exposed as he straps her with that thick mean implement until he thinks she has learned her lesson.Ava is one very sorry young lady who learns once again that telling lies has consequences!

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