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Tearful Misty: Spanked Strapped & Diapered

Misty Lovelace, spanking, f/f, severe, crying, pijama, diapers, tears

Another stunning debut performace from what we are sure will be a real fan favorite. Please welcome Misty Lovelace. In this very tearful opening film, she stars alongside Miss Elizabeth, her no nonsense mother who knows exactly how to punish very naughty brats! Misty was not used to punishments at school, so when she had been spanked and strapped on several occassions for her poor behavior, she was sent home after the latest disgrace when she peed over her teacher in a bid to stop the punishment!Mother was mortified when she heard the news but as Misty nervously waits in her pajamas, she instantly regrets what she had done when she sees mommy walking into her room with a hairbrush, strap... And a diaper! Since she behaved liked a baby, she'd be treated as one after the impending spanking. How humiliating! Misty worries about that crinkling diaper next to her, how it would feel over her sore burning bottom. First though, she endures another hard hand spanking across her bare, very sore, recently punished bottom.The hairbrush and strap were next, causing excruciating pain, on an already tender bottom. There was no let up as Misty is then told to open her legs wide as mother powders and diapers her, all whilst she could barely watch the events unfold. She is sobbing and crying, as she receives a final bedtime scolding! Misty will not be using that lame excuse again in the future to get out of a spanking at school!

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Are these marks real???
of course the marks are real, you think they put make up on her in the video clip? it's bruising from her earlier punishment at school, jeez!
Jo to Jo, thank you Jo :-D
It's fake!!!
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