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Cheer Camp Year Two - The Paddlings

Alex Reynolds, Harley Havik, Christy Cutie, Stevie Rose, Violet October, Adriana Evans, Syrena Vaedya, Cassy, cheerleader, crying, group punishment, m/f, spanking, tears, uniform, wooden paddle

Previously, in the first part of this epic Cheer Camp full length video, all the girls were spanked one by one in front of each other over the lap of coach, Miss Elizabeth. They were scolded by the coach and the camp dirctor, Mr. Masterson, which the girls found all ratrher humiliating. He had promised each girl six hard swats with the wooden paddle after their embarrassing bare bottom spankings and this is where this film starts. Each girl is brought forward and bent over in front of the others as they are given six resounding swats on their bare, exposed bottoms.Some of the girls can barely take the paddlings as they cry out in pain, others grit their teeth in determination. Each girl desperately appears not to submit to 'Authority' so early on to their painful introduction at Cheer Camp. This is a colorful, multi girl punishment video of hot young ladies wearing authentic cheerleading uniforms... A must see for those who love this type of discipline erotica

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