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Cheats Never Prosper

Sarah Gregory, Luna, spanking, f/f, otk, cheerleader, uniform

Luna and Sarah are close friends, but they are also head cheerleaders of rival teams. Due to the nature of their rivalry, Luna had discovered that Sarah had secretly been copying some of her latest unique new routines for an upcoming competition. So Luna had invited Sarah around to her place after she knew she would have finished cheer practice to confront her. Sarah had no idea that her cheating had been discovered and feebly tried to explain that their routines were not copied but it was obvious that they had been!Being friends, Luna understood... So offered her two choices: She could get her team disqualified or she could take one for her team and get a spanking for cheating in such a nefarious manner. Sarah protested but decided to take the spanking, and agreed this would be between them so no-one would ever find out what had happened. Sarah is given an embarrassing OTK hand spanking over her panties and then her bare exposed bottom as Luna delighted in punishing her cheating friend. This is a visual treat featuring two hot girls, hot authentic cheer uniforms, and a hot hand spanking.

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