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Trick or Spank

Lily, spanking, m/f, otk, hairbrush, cheerleader

This is a delightful and amusing Halloween themed film but don't let the words 'delightful and amusing' mean that you are about to watch a light spanking... Far from it! Lily turns up at John's place 'Trick or Treating'. He is annoyed that this bubbly young lady is trying to scam some candy when it's obvious she should just let the neighborhood kids have their fun later instead. She insists that her cheer uniform makes her eligible as a Halloween costume to demand treats or he'll get his house egged!John invites her in saying he has a treat for her... And by 'treat' he means a well overdue spanking! Lily is the type of girl that thinks she can handle anything so agrees to take one in rerturn for plenty of candy! He doesn't hold back with the spanking either, first over her tight authentic, color co-ordinated cheer panties (she really did do well with that costume!) then pulls them down. Lily is a strong athletic girl and John relishes spanking her as she struggles playfully but he knows that this hand spanking hurts and he enjoys giving her something she also appears to be taking far too well.She is going to earn a lot of candy, and she wants more! She accepts a hairbrush spanking challenge at the end. Lily shows off a very sore red bottom and her reward means the rest of the neighborhood Trick or Treaters later will be getting less from John's house... If only they knew why!

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