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Harley's Hotel Punishment

Harley Havik, Snow Mercy, spanking, f/f, wooden paddle, otk, cheerleader

Head cheerleader Harley took it on herself to organize a victory party in the team's main hotel suite. The girls partied so hard that some serious damage to property due to their drunken behavior meant that the school was going to be billed a lot of money and not welcome back at this hotel in future. This was a serious issue for head coach, Snow Mercy, who was ashamed of her girls, in particular... Harley. She caught up with her, still in the cheer uniform from the night before, without a care in the world texting her boyfriend.This infuriated Coach Mercy, who told Harley she was going to receive a spanking and a very hard wooden paddling right there. Harley didn't seem to care at first but being dragged over coach's lap and getting spanked was rather humiliating. She struggled and cried out, feeling ashamed and embarrassed when her panties were pulled down and her bare bottom smacked continually whilst being scolded over and over! As tears welled up in her eyes, coach Mercy gave her the final part of the hotel punishment, a hard six swat paddling which Harley would not forget in a long time.Fans of Snow Mercy will love her in this role doing what she does best... Being strict and knowing how to deal with poorly behaved girls who deserve punishment!

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