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Foul Mouth Punishment

Spanking and mouth soaping preview images, from Momma Spankings, with:Cassy

Mommy had received a very upsetting phone call from Cassy's teacher the day before. Cassy had used very foul language towards her teacher! Mom was shocked and humiliated that her daughter would do such a thing. The next morning (Saturday) Cassy thinks she is going to have a nice relaxing morning. Little does she know Mom is waiting in the bathroom for her and has the perfect punishment in mind for this naughty cursing girl. A swift over the knee hard hand and bath brush spanking precedes a mouth soaping ,in fact the first mouth soaping Cassy has ever received!She is a very sorry, regretful little girl when mommy is finished with her!

spankingf/fotkbath brushmouth soapingFree AAA Spanking Preview
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