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Not Sorry Enough

Spanking preview images, from AAA Spanking, with:Adriana EvansMiss Elizabeth

Adriana has once again shamed herself and embarrassed her mommy (Miss Elizabeth) with the latest panty wetting episode at a family picnic. This is the last straw as far as mommy is concerned... Adriana does not appear to be that sorry and continues to argue her case. However, she is told that since she appears to not look that sorry, she will be spanked then placed into a diaper like a baby girl as she can not be trusted. Adriana protests but she is still given a hard spanking over her replacement dry panties and bare bottom before mommy finishes her punishment with the hairbrush.After being continually scolded, Adriana is told to bring the baby talc powder as she is cleaned and fitted with the diaper. Her humiliation is complete and Adriana hides her face in shame!

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