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Thou ShallNot Trespass

Spanking preview images, from AAA Spanking, with:Aleesha FoxZoe Page

Aleesha Fox didn't care where she could find some peace and quiet, even if it was in someone else's private garden. Zoe Page took offence to this trespasser on her property and Aleesha's rude replies earned her a spanking that this obnoxious young madame should have had years ago! Zoe took her over her lap and gave arrogant Aleesha a humiliating bare bottom spanking to teach her some manners as well as using a nasty stinging slipper & Leather strap across this impertinent madame's sore bottom! Zoe played a delightfully bonkers and unhinged individual that you just would not want to come across if you were caught trespassing on her property...Too bad Aleesha found out the hard way but it is fantastic for us to watch!

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From Ronald
  I love outdoor punish
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