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UPDATED March 21 Welcome to our original spanking and erotic female punishment website where you will see OTK (over the knee) spankings, girls punished at school, at home, in their bedrooms and all across their bare bottoms once their uniforms, knickers or pajamas have been removed! You will see women who should know better, girlfriends, wives and those at work who also need firm sound chastisement from their elders who know better. We have found girls from all over who have been very naughty and are in need of a good spanking, strapping, slippering, paddling and sometimes, when all else fails, a damned hard caning. If you are into seeing real girls next door, real lifestylers and those who are just plain naughty who need real discipline then you have come to the right place!


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Mar 21Ten's party punishment
HDspankingm/fleather paddlestrap

Ten promised to get the suite ready for a spanking party that she was co-hosting but all the essentials like liquid refreshments, beverages, snacks and tidying for a large gathering hadn't been done and the first partygoers were due soon! John was really unimpressed and Ten had no excuses but bratted him anyway! She had also been playing way too hard and up until the wee hours which he hadn't failed to notice. John wasn't putting up with ten's precocious behavior and was just going to spank her ...

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Mar 10Sassy personal assistant

Robert's life has been hectic with ongoing renovations at home and now in his office. The place is a mess and he has a Personal Assistant to help him run things more efficiently, or so he had hoped. Joelle was a beautiful young lady that he showed off at party events, giving his small company an image of credibility but behind the scenes it was a different story. The latest fiasco involves a missing Fax for an important contract, and his patience has been fully stretched this time. Joelle ...

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Mar 03Elle's detention caning
HDspankingm/fotkcarpet beatercaninguniformcryingtears

This is a stunning debut performace at Triple A featuring Elle Bea. She is the Head Girl and had been in so much trouble recently that she was about to lose that status but not before a final caning after school hours. Ella had already received no less than 2 previous punishments that same day. Mr Osborne stayed behind to give her a caning she would not forget and her nervous disposition was very evident! She was spanked over his knee, with her regulation panties pulled down revealing the ...

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Feb 23Bare Bottom is Best!
HDhairbrush spankingf/fspankingotk

Adriana never did any of the chores when she stayed at her mother's place during the week. She had been told many times before that even just offering to do the washing up, or make some supper once in a while would be a courtesy instead of being reminded all the time. However, she was a selfish young lady, more interested in catching Pokemon or messaging her friends, preferring to interact with her phone than her mom! So when Adriana disrespected her mother one too many times, she realized all ...

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Mandie's Wheelbarrow Spanking

Another member joins the Triple A Wheelbarrow Club and this is a hot, intimate spanking of sexy Mandie Rae dressed provocatively in her British girl guide uniform. See Mandie explore just how embarrassing it is to feel exposed like that while her most tender sweet spots are vulnerable in this spread position. The use of specialist implements to create a maximum spread of humiliation, pain and redness that spreads all across her pert bottom are used to great effect! Fans of this unique spanking ...

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Ava spanked by the babysitter
HDspankingf/fotkhairbrush spanking

Please welcome Ava Nicole to Triple A Spanking. She is a wonderful new spanking star, better known in ABDL circles. She was introduced to us by our good friend to the site, Adriana Evans. This debut film she made with us is available in full. It is the first of two major scenes where we knew Ava felt more comfortable. "What would that be?" Being a brat and deserving a spanking at home wearing cute PJs! So she is spanked by her babysitter (Adriana), and in a later episode coming up in a few ...

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Erica's alternative facts
HDspankingm/fotkstrapwooden paddle

This is a special domestic discipline spanking film starring the one and only Erica Scott (with John Osborne as her husband). This time she pretends to be ill when he arrives home to get ready for their evening out with his new friend and his wife. John is a little more than disappointed when he discovers Erica's feeble attempt at deception to avoid having dinner with (who she thinks) a deplorable guy that she dislikes intensely! John is forced to cancel and instead lets Erica know there is a ...

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Amelia's dressing down

Director for UK operations at Lake Industries, Amelia Jane Rutherford, had been flown into Houston for a personal meeting with CEO, Johhny Lake. Her area had suffered the worst profit margins and he held her responsible. Johhny gave her an ultimatum to toughen her up, a spanking punishment in private, or if she refused, he would fire her right there! This haughty British lady knew her high paying job was at risk and reluctantly took the punishment option. However, she didn't know that the ...

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At our sister site Cheerleader Spankings you will see OTK spankings, girls punished at practice, wearing authentic cheerleader uniforms, spanked by their coaching staff and teachers. We have found girls from all over the world who have been very naughty. Cheerleader Spankings features sensual as well as real-life discipline videos, including some severe strapping, paddling, beating with the hairbrush and caning punishments of girls to tears.

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