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Updated  January 21, 2019

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Welcome to our new free preview page of the AAA Spanking Group, operators of some of the best original spanking and corporal punishment websites. You will see OTK (over the knee) spankings, girls punished at school, in office, at home and in their bedrooms. Always across their bare bottoms once their uniforms, knickers or pajamas have been removed! You will see women who should know better. Girlfriends, wives and those at work who also need firm sound corporal punishments from their elders who know better. These sites have found girls from all over the world who have been very naughty and are in need of a good spanking, strapping, slippering, paddling and sometimes, when everything else fails, a damned hard caning.

If you are into real girls and students next door who have been very naughty and disobedient, in obvious need of real discipline, then you have come to the right place!

Momma Spankingsspankingf/fotkhairbrushKiki CaliKikiJan 21 77.5%Rude Little KikiKiki is defiant and argues with mommy which only angers her more to the point of taking this naughty girl over her lap and giving her a hard spanking over her little shorts, then on her panties and finally on her bare bottom with the dreaded wooden hairbrush. Full PostVisit Site
Cheerleader Spankingsspankingf/fotkwooden paddlecheerleaderuniformMaddy MarksJan 19 77.6%Maddy Spanked And PaddledShe is out of control and the coach is fed up trying to discipline one of her best girls so this is a final lesson as to how serious this situation is. Getting sent to see the Principal, especially one brandishing a wooden punishment paddle, is the last straw before losing a scholarship or expulsion. Full PostVisit Site
Sarah Gregory Spankingspankingm/fotkbelt spankingleather beltAliceJan 17 75.2%Starting the Party EarlyHe takes her over his lap and states that 'this spanking party is starting early' She protests and wiggles around as she wants to save her bottom for playing later. Well, Rob doesn't give into her cute pleas, he continues to spank her bottom until it is rosy red. Full PostVisit Site
AAA Spankingspankingf/friding cropVeronica WestonSamantha BJan 17 72.0%Veronica Pays The PriceVeronica is spanked over Samantha's lap, she is stripped and her bare bottom paddled and cropped. Then her legs are splayed and she is treated like a common slut as Veronica is reminded how she must not only earn her madame her fair share, but also her trust! Full PostVisit Site
Momma Spankingsspankingf/fotkgroup punishmentpijamahairbrushMacKenzieAdriana EvansAvaJan 14 70.9%Slumber Party ShenanigansShe goes to her daughter's room and find the empty bottles as well as three giggling girls. Well, after a scolding which leaves none of them smiling anymore, she takes each naughty girl over her lap for a hard hand spanking and then hairbrush spanking. Full PostVisit Site
Cheerleader Spankingsf/fotkspankingeroticSarah GregoryBritneyJan 11 83.1%Her Secret DesireHer lycra shorts come down and her bare bottom is spanked further, all whilst Sarah strokes and caresses her bottom. Sensing Britney's real excitement, her pussy is given attention as well. Britney's cheeks and legs are spread for more intimate spankings which get both ladies all hot and bothered. Full PostVisit Site
Sarah Gregory Spankingspankingf/fotkblack girlsgroup punishmentuniformclassroomJan 10 69.8%Strictmoor Academy Year Three Scene ThreeThe young woman who is there from Germany for a couple of days of discipline gets her punishment in front of the class by Miss Wellbourne (Miss Elizabeth) to show the class just what happens to naughty girls; bare bottom spanking, thigh smacking, and of course caning. Full PostVisit Site
AAA Spankingspankingm/fotkpijamastrapAyselJan 09 68.9%Aysel's Selfie SpankingAysel's stepdad receives a couple of sexting messages and images from her, sent in error to him instead of her sleazy new boyfriend! Imagine the shock as her new father looks at the images. He is straight upstairs to confront her and decides to teach her a humiliating lesson. Full PostVisit Site

Previous Updates

Lesbian Lovers Spanked and StrappedLily and Sarah are busy having sex on Sarah's bed when mommy comes home. She is appalled that what she thought was her innocent daughter having sex. She takes each naughty girl over her lap for a hand spanking before administering the family strap nice and hard to their sore red bare bottoms.
From Cheers To TearsThe girls are dismayed when they hear Coach Lake has approved of this punishment and Rachel is the first to go over the manager's lap. How humiliating, the girls had to watch each other take this spanking and it made them both cry with embarrassment and shame!
Strictmoor Academy Year Three Scene TwoIn scene 2 if Year Three, Ann Wellbourne (Miss Elizabeth) is to deal with the issue of her daughter, Sarah. Sarah has been misbehaving while away at college and so now mother is upset. Sarah is scolded and then taken over mommy's lap for a bare bottom spanking before being led for an early bedtime.
Spanked, Strapped And Slut Shamed!Elizabeth's scolding was meaner than usual, as well as the spanking she gave her girl... but this was to be no ordinary punishment. Raven had never seen her dominant so angry or so mean as she delivers a thorough slut shaming... Raven is so ashamed and so embarrassed but the spankings continue!
Stevie's Sad SongWhen Stevie gets home, mom confronts her and Stevie lies, saying things at singing class are going great. Mom is very upset with her for not only lying, but not showing up to her class prepared. A spanking is in order and as much as Stevie protests, mommy has made up her mind.
Volleyball Squad Spankings Strapping & PaddlingEach girl receives a minimum 10 hard uncompromising swats of the wooden implement in front of the others which finally teaches them all a lesson that their appalling behavior and lack of teamwork needs to be addressed once and for all.
Skylar Spanked And Mouthsoaped By DaddyDaddy is so angry that he has sent her to bed early telling her to wait for him in her pajamas. She knows this means a spanking punishment and he has promised her something else 'extra specia' to treat that foul mouth of hers!
Mommy Spanks and Diapers SarahIt is right over mom's lap for a hard spanking over her dress, panties, and then the bare bottom. But if that is not humiliating enough, she is made to strip for the rest of her punishment. After Sarah is spanked she thinks her punishment is over...oh no!
Volleyball Squad Spankings - Part OneThey are all told to go to the shed for a 'disciplinary meeting'. We all know what this means and both Coach and the Principal are livid at this appaling behavior in public... the girls are defiant, cheeky and know what's coming.
Amber's Wheelbarrow SpankingTake this latest first time wheelbarrow spanking for someone who we have admired for a very long time. Namely, Amber Dawn, possessing one of the most spankable booties to ever have graced our website. Even Amber felt a little embarrassed and exposed, not something she was used to.
Lying Sarah Spanked AgainMom gets a call from the dean of Sarah's university to say that this part semester has not been paid for and Sarah hasn't even been going to class. When confronted, Sarah lies, which only angers mommy more. Her punishment is ended with mommy's stingy strap
Bad Influence Stevie RoseHe is sick to his back teeth of hearing her name again and again whenever there is trouble, discord or influential poor behavior of the other girls. Coach bends her over and gives her ten swift, mean, heavy strokes of the thick dragon cane across her bare bottom.
The Lazy HousekeeperJohn knew that she got punished and spanked in the past from their conversations. He quickly takes her over his knee, reminding her how those who behave wrongly get a spanking!
Strictmoor Academy Year Three Scene OneWe are proud to bring you Strictmoor Academy Year Three starring Clare Fonda, Miss Elizabeth, and Madame SamanthaB as the teaching staff and Cassidy Lau, Christy Cutie, Rachel Adams, Luci Lovett, Elori Stix, Kitty Catherine, Mackenzie Reed, and Nuna Starks as the eight naughty students.
Sassy Cassy Spanked by MomCassy has broken the biggest rule that mommy has; having sex in the house. Mommy is livid and plans to teach her disobeying daughter a lesson the hard way. After a good scolding, Cassy is taken over mommy's lap for a hard hand and hairbrush spanking which leaves her kicking and screaming in pain.
Kiki Spanked and Caned at SchoolKiki reluctantly bends over his desk and takes down her shorts for a hard hand spanking over her panties. Next it is right to the bare bottom for an even harder spanking before she gets the cane across her very red very sore bottom. She has learned this lesson the hard way.
Cousins Spanked To TearsHow embarrassing it was for the cousins, still in their cheer uniforms, to be scolded and told off by their mother and aunt at the same time as seeing the same thing happen to the other. Then the girls were spanked in front of each other by their own mothers.
Tearful Misty: Spanked Strapped & DiaperedMother was mortified when she heard the news but as Misty nervously waits in her pajamas, she instantly regrets what she had done when she sees mommy walking into her room with a hairbrush, strap... and a diaper! Since she behaved liked a baby, she'd be treated as one after the impending spanking.
Sarah's Tearful PunishmentMommy is so angry that she waits until the next morning to deal with Sarah's behavior. Well mommy is pissed and she plans to punish her daughter with a hand spanking, strapping, and the dreaded wooden bath brush.
Chrissy Caught SmokingWho the hell does Chrissy Marie think she is? Her coach is absolutely livid and embarrassed that the entire squad has been asked not to return to this hotel because of what she did! She is taken over coach's lap for a harsh and humiliating punishment that soon turns into a bare bottom spanking.

TOP VOTED ON January 22, 2019

Leandra back in detention
  83.2%Leandra is back for yet another detention punishment. This time for her failure in Mental Arithmetic. Mr Osborne concocts a humiliating and embarrassing discipline session to help the pretty schoolgirl focus on numbers and the spankings she is about to take. Full Post
Ella Spanked After School
 83.7%Ella had not been performing as well as expected at school and when her grades were revealed, mid term, she faced the consequences for letting down her family! Naughty Ella was given a hair brush spanking that had her squirming in real pain. Full Post
The Disorderly Maid
 83.6%Joelle's eyes were raised in disbelief when he told her to assume the position over his knee for a short sharp shock OTK spanking on her bared bottom. Full Post
Slutty Kiki
  87.2%When a sorority girl misbehaves, she gets a spanking. Kiki is being a dirty little slut, so Sarah makes her strip half way through her spanking and she spreads her legs to further humiliate her. Kiki will learn not to be such a slut, especially when she has other responsibilities. Full Post
The Thieving Cheerleader
 82.3%She reluctantly chose to accept her punishment, resulting in her tight fit toned buttocks spanked and strapped long & Hard as she wriggled & Bucked wildly from this painful discipline session. Full Post
Punished by the park keeper
  83.8%Rosie yelps and takes stroke after stroke of his leather belt until only he was satisfied that she has properly shown remorse for what she has done! See cute Rosie Ann make her return to Triple A... One of our most popular girls at her very naughtiest best! Full Post

Best Of on January 22, 2019

BiancaMommy Spanks BiancaJennifer has been breaking many rules at school and now mommy must deal with her naughty behavior. Jennifer was made to change into a 'punishment' outfit and go over mommy's knee for some hard spanking. She kicked and cried out in pain until her bottom was sore, hot, and red.
VioletViolet Spanked by DaddyDaddy has made up his mind, she will not convince him that she doesn't need another spanking. Not only does daddy give his naughty daughter a hand spanking, but he also takes the belt to her as well. Violet is one very sore and sorry little girl.
DelDel's DetentionDel is in detention for cheating. Headmaster Osborne is very upset and intends to teach her a very hard lesson. She first gets her hands tawsed because cheating hands get punished. Then she is spanked while bent over the desk. Finally she is given 6 strokes of the dreaded cane on her bare bottom.
Sarah GregoryGalasRed Bottomed RevengeSarah gets revenge on her girlfriend for giving her a hard undeserved spanking the night before. Galas already has a sore spanked bottom from other spankings she had gotten. See Galas scream in pain as her already sore, marked, spanked bottom is spanked again.
ApricotWorkplace DisciplineLake has a way of dealing with his naughty assistants so that they can still keep their jobs. It is his special way of training them. This involves spankings with his hands and with implements. For this infraction, Apricot is spanked over her tight skirt, pantyhose, panties and is then strapped on the bare bottom.
Sarah GregoryMandie RaeHell no, Kitteh!Sarah caught her making a noise playing 'spank the teddybear' & Then saw her stuff, asking why she always had to play with her things. Since Mandie was not being grown up about the whole situation, Sarah decided to spank her like a naughty little girl.
CassyTOP VOTED88%Foul Mouth PunishmentLittle does she know Mom is waiting in the bathroom for her and has the perfect punishment in mind for this naughty cursing girl. A swift over the knee hard hand and bath brush spanking precedes a mouth soaping ,in fact the first mouth soaping Cassy has ever received!
QuinnQuinn's Attitude AdjustmentMom has never spanked before, but decides that the time has come to take her naughty misbehaving ungrateful daughter over her knee for a much deserved spanking with hand and brush. It is not long before Quinn is promising to change and to be a good girl.
AliceAlice Spanked to TearsWhen mommy lifts Alice's short skirt she sees that her bottom is very marked up and knows Alice lied and is clearly into getting spanked too. Well mom is not going to give this liar the kind of spanking she likes. She spanks her very hard with her hand and wooden brush until Alice is crying.
BelleMiss Svenson's extra detentionHer poor bare bottom, already marked and red from a previous teacher's spanking, now takes a series of hard cane strokes that has her gasping in pure disbelief. This is a severe schoolgirl punishment discipline of Belle Calder receiving one of her hardest ever canings caught on film!
Harley HavikTOP VOTED87%Act like a Lady...Behave like a lady!' That was what uncle Johnny repeated time and time again to his tearful niece during this severe punishment session. He was so disappointed at the way she had dressed - she had abused his trust on a family vacation to Vegas.
Elori StixTOP VOTED85%Elori Gets Spanked & Caned By DaddyHe doesn't hold back for her first caning; it is mean, calculating and designed to cause maximum impact. She receives 18 severe strokes of his dense, thuddy Dragon Cane with the last stroke being the nastiest to remind Elori that her continuing poor attitude will not be tolerated in the future!
Joelle BarrosJoelle's Stuffy SpankingIt was embarrassing and humiliating to be over his knee again as a grown woman but she wasn't going to give him the pleasure of being right and she took her punishment, first over her panties then on her bare bottom!
Ten AmoretteAnnaSpanked and Mouthsoaped by MommyTen Amorette is on the receiving end of a long, tearful and brutal mouthsoaping that she will not forget in a hurry. Mom (played by Miss Anna) takes her daughter over her lap for an overdue spanking with the continual disrespect and poor attitude capped by that filthy mouth of hers.
AmberUniform InfractionsAmber learns that she must think about what she wears to work in future, and that means the correct uniform. Rules are made for a good reason and the consquences for breaking them are made obvious to her. No more skimpy uniform attire!
BelleSpanked at School Strapped at HomeBelle had been spanked at school for yet another serious misdemeanor and her parents were informed. Her attitude only incurred the wrath of her Daddy who gave her a thorough additional hard hand spanking across her tight bare bottom before using that mean leather belt.
Harley HavikHarley's Foul MouthMommy will not have her daughter using such foul language, especially in public and especially in front of the family. So, its right over mom's lap for a hard hand and hairbrush spanking before being given a mouth soaping which leaves Harley very remorseful and crying real tears!
IsobelMommy's Little ThiefShe has a habit of wearing mom's clothes and ruining them. Now she is wearing her mom's dress and denies it when questioned. Mommy spanks her naughty daughter for being a little thief.
Adriana EvansA Date with DisciplinePortuguese translator Adriana Evans was hired as a top flight PA and secretary for Lake Industries. She wanted this highly paid job, she accepted her very tearful, hard OTK spanking and leather strapping because she knew she could and would do better!
LeandraComing 2nd is not an option!Leandra was stripped, her coach made her feel uncomfortable by physically inspecting her before she was spanked and caned in the nude for the first time. He ensured that this embarrassing discipline & Caning session would be long remembered.
Adriana EvansDana SpechtTOP VOTED87%Adriana's Attitude Adjustment SpankingMomma always spanks over the knee and on the bare! Her punishment is far from over, even during the cornertime which she finds embarrassing, she is scolded then reminded of this fact: A spanking during the day means a spanking at night!
AnnaDaddy's Little princess - Part 2He is far from pleased and really upset. This punishment leaves visible welts and markings as well as real tears from Anna. His new wife quickly learned that spanking daddy's princess was NOT an option.
Joelle BarrosNyssa NeversAshley GrahamCarissa MontgomeryMultiple DetentionsFour girls are given a detention punishment together at the same time. They are the most unlikely collection of naughty reprobates to ever appear together. This is the one and only time all four of these girls have ever appeared together for this rare multiple punishment.
Ariel SummerSpanked by Mom and DadMother tells Ariel to call her cheer coach and apologize for what she did and to tell the coach that she had been spanked by her parents! How embarrassing for young Ariel; in future she will learn to be far more respectful and to curb her potty mouth!