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Real Girls & Real Punishments, Real Pain & Real Tears

Welcome to our new free preview page of the AAA Spanking Group, operators of some of the best original spanking and corporal punishment websites. You will see OTK (over the knee) spankings, girls punished at school, in office, at home and in their bedrooms. Always across their bare bottoms once their uniforms, knickers or pajamas have been removed! You will see women who should know better. Girlfriends, wives and those at work who also need firm sound corporal punishments from their elders who know better. These sites have found girls from all over the world who have been very naughty and are in need of a good spanking, strapping, slippering, paddling and sometimes, when everything else fails, a damned hard caning.

If you are into real girls and students next door who have been very naughty and disobedient, in obvious need of real discipline, then you have come to the right place!

Cheerleader Spankingsspankingf/fotkhairbrushuniformcheerleaderRavenAvaMar 23 80.0%Payback SpankingRaven is very competitive and ignored her friendship with Ava by getting her into trouble and punished, leaving her out of her team. After the hairbrush spanking, she is humiliated and told to leave once Ava believes that she has had enough payback. Full PostVisit Site
AAA Spankingspankingm/fcaningsevereLily SwanDelta HauserMar 21 80.2%Judicial Canings Of Delta & LilyThis is a very severe custom caning with an accurate and well delivered caning with the precise amount of deliberate humiliation from the medical staff to ensure this entire punishment is an extraodinary and unforgettable piece of film making. Full PostVisit Site
Momma Spankingsspankingf/fotkbath brushsevereKaliMar 18 78.5%The Bathbrush For KaliKali has left her 'special' candles burning in the house yet again so mom confiscates the candles. Kali doesn't seem to care, so mom is going to light up her naughty daughter's bottom and make it feel like fire with a hard hand spanking and then the wooden Bathbrush. Full PostVisit Site
Cheerleader Spankingsspankingm/ff/fotkuniformcheerleaderhairbrushCaraMar 16 77.1%Cara Learns A Painful LessonCara's mother wastes no time in showing Coach just how she deals with inappropriate behavior as she takes her daughter for an over the lap spanking, right there and then! If that was embarrassing enough... Full PostVisit Site
AAA Spankingbath brushf/fotkspankingMackenzieMar 14 78.6%Mackenzie Spanked To Tears By MommyThis time Mackenzie will learn a very tearful lesson as the bath brush hits poor Mackenzie's tender cheeks again and again. This painful short sharp shock punishment makes Mackenzie cry and promise that she will do better at school from now on! Full PostVisit Site
Sarah Gregory Spankingspankingm/fotkjeans spankingblack girlshairbrushstrapSha LucianaMar 14 73.2%Sha's Real DisciplineSuper excited to premiere spanking model Sha Luciana. It is right over his lap for a hard hand spanking on her tight jeans. She is sent to fetch the hairbrush next and he has her pull down her jeans. Just when she thinks her punishment is over, she must fetch the strap. Full PostVisit Site
Momma Spankingsspankingf/fotkmouth soapinghairbrushNew Model Andy MoonMar 11 75.0%Andy's Foul MouthSee new spanking model, Andy Moon, get her first online spanking and first mouth soaping ever in this fabulous traditional mother/daughter spanking film. Andy had been spanked at school for her disrespect and foul language and mommy has had it. A spanking at school means a spanking at home. Full PostVisit Site
Cheerleader Spankingsspankingm/fotkstrapLuci LovettMar 10 67.0%A Cheer Too LoudHe lectures her sternly about her ridiculous behavior but instead of mere scoldings, which her mother had carried out, he tells Luci that she will get a good old fashioned spanking like they carry out in his country! Full PostVisit Site
Sarah Gregory Spankingspankingf/fotkhairbrushmouth soaping 68.3%Strictmoor Academy Year Three Scene FiveThey are taken one at a time to the bathroom to have their dirty mouths washed out with soap. After, they are then spanked in side by side rooms by Miss Collins and Mrs. Frobisher with the Mason and Pearson hairbrush that stings so much. Full PostVisit Site
AAA Spankingspankingf/fotkstrapmouth soapingClare Fonda 75.7%Halfway House Hoe's Tearful PunishmentPlease welcome back Clare Fonda (aka Jamie Foster) in one of her most delightfully sleazy roles yet... Clare's continuing poor attitude and backchat gets her into serious trouble as she is taken to the bathroom for a mouthsoaping that she will not forget! This soaping has to be seen to be believed! Full PostVisit Site

Previous Updates

Demerits For VeronicaEnough is enough... and little madam is about to learn a painful lesson on how her new coach deals with bad behavior. Coach doesn't think that a spanking over those tight shorts are enough, so down they come...
What Happens to Naughty GirlsShe was behaving so poorly at school that the teacher had to spank her. The rule is that a spanking at school means a spanking at home, so poor Skylar is taken over her mother's lap for a hand and hairbrush spanking on her already spanked sore sore bottom.
Raven's Bedtime SpankingRaven waits sad in her bedroom for daddy to come in. He spanks his naughty daughter over his lap with his hand and wooden hairbrush until she is sore and crying. Then she must lay on her tummy as he straps her hard with the family strap.
Catholic Discipline Part 3All four girls were told to report to the punishment room where they would receive further discipline from the Headmaster and Matron together. They are reminded of their sins and are embarrassed and nervous at their near nakedness, awaiting the inevitable punishment.
Poor Grades Smarting BottomChrissy was spanked and caned at school for poor grades and of course mom was given a phone call. That evening she knows that she is in for another spanking as a spanking at school means a spanking at home. Chrissy promises to do better in school as she doesn't want a spanking like this again.
Consequences For CheatersThe girls are still in their uniforms, but the shorts and panties don't stay on for long as each girl is spanked in turn and in front of the other. It's humiliating, all while Stevie scolds them both and her hard hand reddens the cheaters bottoms with ease.
Catholic Discipline Pt 2This second film features Ashley Lane and Veronica Weston, who are discovered by Matron during 'room check' in a post orgasmic state, completely naked and blissfully unaware of the trouble they are in. Veronica is first to go over matron's lap as her now tearful lover, Ashley, watches...
Strictmoor Academy Year Three Scene Four - BedtimeThis is the second part of Scene four where the 4 naughty students are now given the customary spanking at bedtime by Miss Collins and Mrs. Frobisher. They already have very sore bottoms from the spankings they received that afternoon in class.
Dominatrix Spanked by MomWe are so excited to introduce new spanking model, Sophie, in this fabulous film showing off what she loves; hard spanking. In this film, she works at a dungeon and has been lying to mom. Mom is curious so decides to follow her to work one day and is shocked at what she finds.
Little Liar Spanked By Mom And DadAva's lies finally catch up with her when she arrives home from cheer practice to see mom and dad waiting for her. It's time for daddy's leather belt, Ava is laid out on the sofa, her bottom exposed as he straps her with that thick mean implement until he thinks she has learned her lesson.
Catholic Discipline Pt 1This first part features Misty Lovelace and Apricot Pitts, looking dishevelled, and already punished during that day again, for fighting. Their uniforms are a disgrace, they look untidy and there is dirt on their shirts... Apricot can not even wear the correct regulation knickers!
Ariel Spanked Over Mommy's LapShe takes her naughty daughter over her lap for a hard and much deserved spanking on her tight cute dress, then over her panties, and of course on the bare bottom. She spanks her hard with the brush until Ariel is kicking and crying and promising to be a good girl from now on.
Ava Punished By DaddyThis is a no nonsense domestic discipline film between a father and his daughter who has a rather painful discipline punishment waiting for her. No build up, no storyline, we go right into the action as Ava is called in. This was a very embarrassing and painful punishment for Ava!
Mommy Spanks Diapers And Soaps AshleyAshley has been sent home after an embarrassing incident at volleyball practice where she finds her mother waiting for her, having been told the awful news from school. Ashley is made to tell her horrified mom, in person, what she did! Imagine the humiliation of telling her mother these facts.
Rude Rachel's Tearful SpankingSo she is taken over the lap of her young stepmom for a hard spanking over her slutty dress, and then on her bare bottom. Rachel cries in pain but won't apologize at all. Next she is bent over for the leather strap and she finally says she is sorry and agrees to listen and be more respectful.
Adriana in TroubleHow dare Adriana be smoking pot at home. Mommy is very upset as she has already been told no drugs of any kind in the house, legal or not. Adriana is taught a very hard lesson as it is right over mommy's lap for a hard hand and hairbrush spanking.


Cheer Camp Year One - Part 2  82.6%This is a no nonsense very painful six swats introduction. It's a reminder of what is to come if any girl misbehaves. The sobbing, tears and sore red bottoms confirms that Cheer Camp will not be a pleasant stay for these young ladies! Full Post
Spoiled Princess Spanked  84.1%Stevie has been spending her husbands money to no end. It is the last straw when the credit card bill shot up and she has put 30K on it for clothing. Stevie is spanked very hard over her tight jeans, panties and on the bare bottom before being bent over and given 30 strokes with the strap. Full Post
Mom Takes Charge  83.3%The girls are ashamed, then doubly embarrassed as Mom spanks Mackenzie in front of Kitty, letting Coach know this is what should happen if they play up again. Kitty is near to tears watching her sister being punished and is told to hand the brush to her mother. Full Post
Anniversary Punishment  82.1%She hasn't been spanked by her girlfriend in 2 years, but it has been long enough. Sarah is taken right over the knee for a bare bottom hand spanking before being bent over for the stinging leather strap followed by a very painful caning. Full Post
Sarah Spanked At School  83.7%Miss Bernadette has Sarah bend over for a hard hand spanking, both over her panties and without the protection of said garments to add to her shame before giving her 6 swift hard swats with the wooden ruler on her now sore, swollen bottom. Full Post
Kami's Dropseat Spanking 84.3%Another rare chance for fans of Kami Robertson to see a new movie! She was dressed in a stunning outfit of red and white dropseat pajamas. In this short sharp shock film, Kami decided that she didn't want to get up for school and made every excuse possible refusing to get out of bed in the morning. Full Post

Best Of - March 24, 2019

Joelle BarrosJoelle's Stuffy SpankingIt was embarrassing and humiliating to be over his knee again as a grown woman but she wasn't going to give him the pleasure of being right and she took her punishment, first over her panties then on her bare bottom!
Sarah GregoryBritneyHer Secret DesireHer lycra shorts come down and her bare bottom is spanked further, all whilst Sarah strokes and caresses her bottom. Sensing Britney's real excitement, her pussy is given attention as well. Britney's cheeks and legs are spread for more intimate spankings which get both ladies all hot and bothered.
Amelia Jane RutherfordCuriosity Gets You SpankedHer boss, John, catches her snooping where she should not be. If she is so interested in what happens out here between him and his wife and she wants to keep her job, he will just have to show her. Being such a curious maid will most definitely get Amelia spanked, cropped, strapped, and caned.
Luci LovettBailed Niece Blistered BottomThis movie has some great facial tearful reactions, close up strapping footage and a bonus slow motion hand spanking scene at the end. This is a great debut from Luci Lovett and Mr Rob who have great uncle/niece chemstry that shows!
Rosie AnnSarah GregoryRosie's Bedtime PunishmentMommy has had it with her disobedient daughter and grabs her, pulls her out of the tub, drags her to the bedroom, and throws her over here lap for a spanking. Rosie cries in pain as mommy spanks her wet bare bottom with hand and hairbrush.
Sarah GregoryLunaCheats Never ProsperSarah protested but decided to take the spanking, and agreed this would be between them so no-one would ever find out what had happened. Sarah is given an embarrassing OTK hand spanking over her panties and then her bare exposed bottom as Luna delighted in punishing her cheating friend.
ApricotApricot's TearsAfter she is spanked over her regulation school knickers, she is stood up for a hand tawsing which brings her to tears. It's back over headmaster's knee for a bare bottom spanking before he bends her over and gives her 12 hard strokes with the cane which make the tears continue to flow.
AvaDaddy Spanks AvaHe takes his belt to his poor sorry daughter as she begs and pleads for her punishment to be over. Her please fall upon deaf ears and he continues with her belting until he feels that she has learned a proper lesson on how to behave.
Adriana EvansPaddled by the PrincipalThe special heavy wooden paddle is used without mercy on her bare bottom which brings her punishment to a very tearful conclusion. This is a rare chance to see Michael Masterson doing what he does best outside of his RS Network - the discipline spanking and paddling of girls who deserve it.
Sarah GregorySyrena VaedyaMommy Spanks SyrenaShe takes this naughty girl over her knee for a hard spanking with hand and heavy ebony hairbrush until Syrena is crying and promising not to put her health at risk again. But that is not the worst of it, she must wait for daddy to now come and deal with her.
CleoCleo's Bedtime SpankingMommy scolds her daughter and then takes her over the lap for a much deserved hard spanking over her pajamas and then on the bare bottom. She finishes with a hard bath brush spanking which makes Cleo kick and squirm in pain as she promises to be a good girl from now on.
DriaAdriana EvansAmiMiss DrowerTOP VOTED88%Strictmoor Academy Year 1 Scene NineShe gave each of them a good mouth soaping before making them get in the bath. She then takes each one over her lap for a spanking on their wet bare bottoms. These two sorry ladies promised never to break the rules again.
Kiki CaliKiki's Severe CaningKiki is placed on all fours, still undressed, and she is given some of the hardest, meanest strokes of the cane that we have ever filmed! Lots of angles, closes ups and facial reactions catch every moment of this severe punishment only a few girls like Kiki could ever endure!
TOP VOTED86%Harley's Hard Hairbrush SpankingAs a spanking at school equals at least another spanking at home! So we see Harley waiting nervously for her mother to return and it is not long after hearing the door opened downstairs, followed by the angry steps of mom stomping upstairs to the bedroom.
MackenzieTOP VOTED87%Mackenzie Spanked By MommyShe is placed over mom's lap and told that not only will she get a spanking, but that she is also going to get the hairbrush used on her bare bottom afterward. The spanking is humiliating and painful, mom's hard hands turn her daughter's cheeks a shameful red.
Maddy MarksMaddy Spanked And PaddledShe is out of control and the coach is fed up trying to discipline one of her best girls so this is a final lesson as to how serious this situation is. Getting sent to see the Principal, especially one brandishing a wooden punishment paddle, is the last straw before losing a scholarship or expulsion.
Katie BrownKatie's Wheelbarrow Spanking DebutKatie Brown had let down her cheer squad once too often and after her coach had spanked her for the umpteenth time, he told her to go see the owner who also wanted her to get the initials 'WB' embroidered into her uniform. She and the other girls knew this infamous moniker meant only one thing...
CassyPunished SecretaryShe knows how they deal with misbehavior in the workplace, but she still doesn't like it. She hesitantly bends over her boss's desk for a dose of his hard hand across her bottom and then the reformatory strap. She squeals in pain but promises to stay on top of her work from now on.
Alice MichaelsPink Socks Pink BottomBeautiful teen petite model, Alice Michaels, is back in this hard hitting OTK spanking and strapping video. Alice was spanked over his lap, over her panties at first and when she continued to be sassy her panties were pulled down and she was given a good hard, old fashioned bare bottom spanking.
Sarah GregoryIsobelSpanked And Shamed By SisterWhat we see is some great banter between the girls, Sarah is such a brat who really enjoys giving her younger sister wedgies, gagging her mouth with her panties when she cries out and turning her sister's bottom as red as their school uniforms!
ArielAriel Spanked by Mommy and DaddyMom gives Ariel a hard hand spanking and hairbrush spanking. Dad gives her an even harder hand spanking and also a good hard strapping with the family strap. Ariel cries in pain and promises to be good from now on!
Violet OctoberTOP VOTED87%Violet's Attitude AdjustmentMommy spanks her on her bare bottom with her stinging hand and hard wooden bath brush until Violet's bottom is bruised purple. During her spanking she swears at mom, this earns her further punishment. She is dragged into the bathroom for a thorough mouth soaping!
Sarah GregoryTOP VOTED88%Sarah: Exposed Wet & ButtpluggedAdd some implements to grab Sarah's attention, such as a leather paddle and hairbrush, then there is the slow deliberate plugging. When it is inserted, her bottom can feel the cold metal as she has no choice but to hold it as she is spanked further.
Lizzy McAllisterLizzy Spanked And StrappedShe is embarrassed that his hard hands can feel the shameful warmth of her glowing cheeks as he really gets her attention with a thorough spanking, whilst reminded that her attendance will improve.